Welcome to the Diner at the Crossroads…

Crossroads are possibilities….

the possibility to choose a different direction, a place for a chance encounter, or somewhere to pause for a moment to people watch and imagine their stories as they head out on their own journeys. The diner’s always open for anyone to stop by for a coffee and some convivial company.

We don’t have many rules here, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get along:

  1. Mind your manners (we are a family place)
  2. Healthy, vigorous and respectful discussion is always encouraged. Even if you disagree, you should always be able to have a laugh and share a glass with your opponents – if you can’t, this might not be the place for you.
  3. Keep the weapons holstered unless absolutely necessary (self defense or preventing someone from doing violence to staff or patrons, are permitted and encouraged); deploying against people for having a difference of opinion instead of graciously ending a ‘discussion’ where you can’t agree to disagree (see rule 2)- well, the cook and waitresses are pretty good shots – also see rule 1)
  4. We reserve the right to bar folks whose only purpose is to spread misery, be disagreeable only for the sake of disagreeableness, or consistently displaying other trollish types of behaviours. (See rules 1 and 2; the Ban Hammer is a tool of last resort and while I’d prefer not to have to use it….)