Welcome to the Diner at the Crossroads…

Diners and crossroads as a metaphor for life.


5/25/20231 min read

It could be first light, on the way to somewhere.

It could be 3:00 am, after a long night.

It could be midday, meeting up with friends for a quick bite.

For over a century, diners have been places where people meet to connect, or recharge. They served as 20th century version of an oasis for travelers as they threaded their way across the county, as the informal meeting hall in small towns, or as the joint in the neighborhood where you could hang out with your friends.

After 3 years that all but shattered society, we've lost a lot of these places.

While this will never be a physical space, it will be a place where people can engage with ideas or lurk if they just want to watch discussions unfold. The content may go places you might not expect, but you might pick up something along the way.

Welcome to the Diner!